There, but not there


This year, we have seen the centenary of the end of the First World War.  The war to end all wars. The Great War. Everyone who fought in that war is now gone, but we continue to remember the sacrifice they made, and the sacrifices that people continue to make today.

Four years after Lest We Forget, hundreds of Ingress agents from both factions came together once more on Remembrance Sunday to create a large piece of field art.  The image of Tommy was selected as he represented the regular soldier of the British army from that time.

The remembered, returned.

In remembrance of those who were there, we support those who remain via with all profits and donations to the There, But Not There charity.

#ThereButNotThere #Remembered

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Go! Go! Go!

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There’s less than a month to go until you get your chance to officially be “Sent to Coventry” as the Coventry Ingress Mission Day takes place on Sunday, 25th November.

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And yes, there will be cake!




Did you see these wonderful fields that stretched from the ancient town of Littlehampton in the west to the beautiful headland at Beachy Head in the east?  They captured almost 6m MU and stood for four checkpoints.

Fabulous work agents!


The answer…


… is 42.  So, what was the question?  Maybe, how many layers deep is that really, really green field over Northern Ireland?

Last night, agents 2hwwyjr3, briegegem and SeargeantAntsy put up these beautiful fields, and as of time of writing, they are still up!

Fabulous work agents!




Your faction needs YOU!

20180107_140837 - Edited.jpg

Not going to an anomaly next weekend?

You can still participate as there are three points up for grabs if we can move the global MU score by more than the Resistance between 5am (BST) on Saturday, 20 October and 00:02 (BST) on Sunday, 21 October.

How can you help?

Create lovely green fields on Saturday… green fields as far as the eye can see!  Every little counts, but big ones would be fabulous!  And smash any, and all, blue fields on Saturday, but especially any big ones!

To maximise the delta:

  • Let green fields decay before Saturday that you can re-establish on the day
  • Leave blue fields up that you can smash on Saturday

#EnlightenedFTW #RecursionPrime

Sheep may safely graze

photo5909022951255158383 - Edited

The Derby ram (emblem of the city) was able to frolic amongst lovely green fields yesterday evening as agents 40079, caraphaelius, codecutter, lgpmichael, Mg27, solusdaystar and StefKups91 decided to throw a multi-layer field over the city three times.

Congratulations also to agent StefKups91 on the fielding badge!

Fabulous work agents!