Go Brighton! Go Rucking!

If going to the Brighton Echo Anomaly were not enough for you, GORUCK have announced three events over the anomaly weekend – Stealth, Urban and Operation Clear Field. These are physical and mental challenges, but are the only way to earn the associated scanner medals and fabulous accompanying patches. Note that you will still have to participate in the regular anomaly if you want the Echo anomaly badge.

The GORUCK sign up pages are as follows:

Friday 19th, 17:00 – Stealth Ops – https://registration.goruck.com/event/stealth-ops-brighton-united-kingdom-05192023-1700-18185

Saturday 20th, 10:00 – Urban Ops – https://registration.goruck.com/event/urban-ops-brighton-united-kingdom-05202023-1000-18186

Sunday 21st, 10:00 – Operation Clear Field – https://registration.goruck.com/event/operation-clear-field-brighton-united-kingdom-05212023-1000-18187

Based on prior sites, the Stealth and Urban events will provide additional Intel for the anomaly itself.

Be sure to sign up at enlightened.rocks/brighton and let the organising team know you’re going rucking. If you’re not sure about rucking and have questions, sign up for the anomaly, and the team can answer all your questions.

Brighton will be brilliant! Be there!


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