Blooming marvellous!

The garden of England is showing its true colours this afternoon with this extravagant set of 25 luscious green layers. Agents Impucl, Jimbobwai, SahanaTrolls, Sonny58, SunnyJR, TerryTrolls and TheSM1L3R amassed over 6m MU in the process.

Fabulous teamwork agents!


Neil Sedaka was right!

“… Walking Brighton… The Sun is high and so am I, I feel enlightened…”

OK, so he might have been talking about the area near Coney Island in the US, but with 30 layers over Brighton, agents badgerpaw, ChaosToOrder, CoffeePixie Dogfingers, Fdgbman, GraphicDivine, greekempire, and nognod must have been feeling really Enlightened earlier today!

Fabulous work agents!


Lincoln Green

Lincoln is looking a gorgeous shade of green this evening, courtesy of agents Baggieboy, incubus, K14TP, Luraketu, m8utt, roguemale, and UKZeroSniper. Flexing their fielding muscles, they created 32 layers through Newark-on-Trent and netted over 5m MU in the process.

Fantastic work agents!


It takes a village…

… well, maybe not a whole village, but certainly a community, to come together to help each other get those precious onyx illuminator badges (and rescue a cow).

danwilliams01, LessThanJess and thundercracker1 helped emisarb, KaptainSpikey, KaraSea, OneTruePotato, TheManeEvent and Wicketeers to throw 19 sets of fields over Cambridge.

Fabulous work agents!


Wet the baby’s head

Agents from Essex and London set out on Wednesday night to reclaim H12 to mark the birth of a fellow agent’s first born son and to ensure they were suitably Enlightened from the earliest of ages.

The team initially threw 38 fields over Southend to hit checkpoint, netting roughly 1m MU for the Enlightened, and then added a further 24 larger fields and 2m MU covering the SE of Essex.

Fantastic work from agents chasd, IainG, Plubly and TerryTrolls!



Agent mcwebtree espied an opportunity and threw this handy set of five layers over both Stoke-on-Trent and Newcastle-under-Lyme. What a lovely set of fields for a weekday. And such a great name for a place to field green!


How do I move?

It’s been a long winter in lockdown, but agents HolkhamBeach, kittysu, sionide0278, thaiprawncurry, and @thundercracker01 seem to have worked out how to move again!

With 30 layers and over 3m MU, Norwich was looking an absolute treat this morning!



So high! While this field over Edinburgh may look familiar, it is the work on the ground of a single agent. Agent matthew185 did a sterling job overnight putting these 7 layers back up over the wonderful city of Edinburgh.

Fantastic work agent!


Stormy weather

There may not be sun up in the sky, but there were certainly fields over Edinburgh, the home of the Scottish Enlightenment, this morning. Not content with putting up 12 layers the first time round, the team re-cleared and re-threw 8 layers, with each layer being around 250k MU.

Fabulous work agents!


How do I field thee?

… Let me count the ways,
I field thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when fielding out at night
For the end of checkpoint and ideal grace.
I field thee to the level of every day’s
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light
I field thee freely, as shapers strive for right.

Congratulations to all the fabulous agents of Juliet-12 who worked together to turn a streak of 92 straight cycle wins by the Resistance into 93 straight cycle wins by Enlightened.

From the delight at the very first hard fought win, through to romping home in the last septicycle with this 66-layer confection, there have been so many glorious fields and tales to tell.

Great teamwork and congratulations to all involved!


(and deepest apologies to Elizabeth Barrett Browning… do enjoy one of the loveliest sonnets ever written (43) in its original form)