Be a lion! Be in Belfast!

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Clive Staples Lewis was born in Belfast on the 29th November 1898. Lewis wrote over 30 novels in his lifetime which included the well known and loved Chronicles of Narnia. His book Spirits in bondage, was the first of his literary novels published in 1919, and under the pseudonym Clive Hamilton.

In the 1930’s C.S Lewis joined a group of people who called themselves ‘the Inklings’, which consisted of intellectuals and writers. Other famous names from the group included J.RR Tolkien.

In 2016, Belfast paid tribute to the writer by opening the C.S Lewis Square, which is a dedicated public space for events and activities. At the square there are amazing sculptures by Irish artist Maurice Harron, all based on characters from The Witch, the Lion and the Wardrobe.

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Be Enlightened.  Be Inspired.  Be in Belfast.  November 4th, 2017!




They really do light it green!

Belfast City Hall.png

Belfast City Hall is one of the most iconic buildings in Northern Ireland. When Queen Victoria granted city status to Belfast in 1888, plans for building City Hall got underway. It cost £369,000 to build the Baroque Revival styled building, which was designed by Alfred Brumwell Thomas. In August 1906 the civics building opened its doors for the first time.

It is believed that City Hall can provide an incredible insight into how the Titanic’s lounges and suites may have looked like. Viscount William Pirrie, was the managing director of Harland and Wolff Shipyards, and also happened to be Lord Mayor of Belfast in 1896 to 1897. Pirrie has been credited with coming up with the idea of building both City Hall and the Titanic. He is meant to have brought in many of his skilled workers to help in the fit-out of City Hall, with the carving panelling being very similar to that in the Titanic.

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Be Enlightened.  Be Inspired.  Be in Belfast.  November 4th, 2017!


Not to be outdone!

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… the team in South Wales decided yesterday evening to make use of the beautiful link from St Govan’s to Steep Holm to put up a field over Cardiff and Swansea and, in fact, much of South Wales!

What a fabulous effort on a “school” night!