You must be barking

Agents Aicarianos, BeanTrolls, KevinTrolls, PintsAndPasta, PizzaTrolls, TaterTrolls, TerryTrolls, ThomasTrolls, SahanaTrolls, ShiftieCollie and WispTrolls enlightened the whole South London with a wonderful field worth more than 2 million MU. ThomasTrolls and TaterTrolls also gained their Onyx Illiminator badge in the process. Congratulations!

SE London was too small for them. After several months of a permafield over 7 boroughs, as a farewell to a fellow agent they decided to go bigger.

Plans were quickly drawn, then
on the night of Thursday 27th April, despite the heavy rain, off they went!

BeanTrolls picked the short straw and paddled over by kayak to one of the anchors, while the rest of the team was clearing blocking links.

Everything went according to plan. Resistance attempts to block were quickly dealt with and the team gathered at the South anchor.

But wait… everyone can do a BAF – here comes the Battle Beacon! TaterTrolls and ThomasTrolls took turns to earn their badges.

The field occupied airspace over 14 London Boroughs, spanning from Richmond to Newham to Bromley.

The initial throw of the field lasted 86 hours, unfortunately it was taken down at its most appealing anchor. During this time, two agents’ birthdays were celebrated along with a bank holiday!

Within 24 hours of being taken down, the field was reinstated thanks to the solo efforts of WispTrolls, who cycled “like a madman” around London clearing blockers before maintaining ENL dominance over South London airspace.

The team is back at the planning table at their favourite pub devising plans to expand, although they are running out of London Boroughs!


Brighton was brilliant

Brighton was brilliant. The city was fabulous, the weather was glorious and the ice creams were delicious. It was great to meet friends old and new from near and far. And the cake was not a lie.

We battled the scanner almost as much as the Resistance, and while we didn’t win the site, our efforts ensured the Enlightened took a mighty lead into the final day of the Echo series.

See you all in Athens, Ueda and Winnipeg for the conclusion!

#EnlightenedFTW #Niantic #Ingress

Rucking marvellous

Enlightened agents stormed the first event of the anomaly weekend by taking GORUCK Stealth 7-0. Whether it was trivia, Ingress glyph knowledge or holding their weighty backpacks aloft, they gave it their all.

Congratulations to agents:

Fierce agents one and all!

#EnlightenedFTW #GORUCK

Go Brighton! Go Rucking!

If going to the Brighton Echo Anomaly were not enough for you, GORUCK have announced three events over the anomaly weekend – Stealth, Urban and Operation Clear Field. These are physical and mental challenges, but are the only way to earn the associated scanner medals and fabulous accompanying patches. Note that you will still have to participate in the regular anomaly if you want the Echo anomaly badge.

The GORUCK sign up pages are as follows:

Friday 19th, 17:00 – Stealth Ops –

Saturday 20th, 10:00 – Urban Ops –

Sunday 21st, 10:00 – Operation Clear Field –

Based on prior sites, the Stealth and Urban events will provide additional Intel for the anomaly itself.

Be sure to sign up at and let the organising team know you’re going rucking. If you’re not sure about rucking and have questions, sign up for the anomaly, and the team can answer all your questions.

Brighton will be brilliant! Be there!


Brighton will be brilliant

The first day of battling in the Echo anomaly series finished with Enlightened in the lead by 666 to 249 after outstanding victories in Jacksonville, Florida, USA and Baguio City, Philippines and a tough battle in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

If you’d like a piece of that buzz, join us in the wonderful city of Brighton on 20th May for a great day of Ingress with an after party to match. It’s only a short hop from London. Don’t leave it too late to sign up as swag is only available for a limited time!

Sign up at

Be there. Brighton will be brilliant!


Get Yer Swag On

“Get yer swag on, get yer swag on, froggies
Shake ’em, now-now, get ’em on for Brighton”

If you love a bit of swag, you’re going to have to sign up on rocks and join the party that is going to be the Echo Brighton anomaly. Don’t leave it too late and risk missing out on ordering the goodies!

Look out for more updates and sign up now at

Brighton will be BRILLIANT.



After a day of battling at the Echo Anomaly in Brighton on Saturday, 20th May, kick back for a more leisurely social event on Sunday, 21st May with Brighton Mission Day. Enjoy sights around Brighton by completing the special missions that will be available that day around Brighton.

Watch out for more details closer to the date.

Make a weekend of it and sign up with the team for the anomaly on Saturday, 20th May at


Let’s get this party started


“We’re gearing up, so we better get this party started
Get this party started on a Saturday night
Brighton’s waiting for us all to arrive
Sending out the message to all our agents
We’ll be looking flashy in our Enlightened swag
We’ve got loads of style, check our hoodies and T-shirts
We can trek for miles if you know what I mean
We’re gearing up, so we better get this party started”

We have our after party venue!

So, join us on Saturday 20th May for the Brighton Echo anomaly and the fabulous Enlightened after party.

Look out for more updates and sign up now at 🎉


Brighton Rocks

Scene of Brighton Rock and Quadrophenia…

Famed for Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim (and his beach gigs), Nigel Kennedy and David Gilmour from Pink Floyd…

Whether you’re an anomaly veteran or a new player wondering what it’s like to play alongside hundreds of others, come join us for a rockin’ Enlightened Echo anomaly on Saturday 20th May, 2023. Brighton is just a short hop from London or the Channel ports, with lots of choices for accommodation in Brighton and the surrounding areas.

Brighton rocks. The Enlightened rock. Sign up at