Want even more bonus AP?

screenshot 2019-01-29 at 9.57.28 pm - edited

Get down to your local First Saturday this weekend to enjoy the extra bonus XM that was triggered by everyone helping overcome the Dark XM threat in April.


Brighton: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=12517
Cardiff: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=12320
Crewe: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=12440
Inverness: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=12430
London: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=12649
Skipton: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=12421
Stafford: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=12450

It’s time to move…






… and you might have missed these fields over Glasgow being down!

Four onyx illuminator badges and over 18 million MU were captured for the first go around of these fields last night.  The team re-threw them and they are still up 24 hours later.

Fabulous work for a school night!


The Force was with these Agents!

All these agents had a fabulous time at First Saturdays up and down the country this month.  Don’t forget that the June First Saturdays will benefit from triple AP as we successfully met the recent DarkXM challenge (not the May ones as was first posted).

During this month, we will also see the finale of the Osiris sequence of anomalies with Abaddon Prime.  Enlightened took Kaohsiung yesterday, but there’s still time to sign up for Amsterdam next weekend and Chicago on 25th May!

Niantic sign up: https://events.ingress.com/xmanomalies/abaddonprime/amsterdam

Enlightened rocks sign up: https://enlightened.rocks/amsterdam


No portal left behind!

Want treble AP during June’s First Saturday events?  Want that link distance badge? Better get out there and get rid of all those uncaptured portals before the end of the Dark XM event on Tuesday (and get linking if you still need to!).

Then head on over to one of the many First Saturday events next weekend!

Bristol: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=12165
Cardiff: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=12130
Glasgow: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=11967
Nuneaton: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=11954
Plymouth: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=12033
Sheffield: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=12023
Telford: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=11960
Uxbridge: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=11977
Warrington: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=12168

May the Fourth be with you!


Now am I in Arden

Screenshot 2019-04-11 at 10.43.17 PM - Edited

Agents Boffstvreport, CarpOfDoom CovLtwt, LazySian, Moominz and Squirrel0fDoom combined forces to bring the Forest of Arden back to life with this luscious 20-layer field set over Coventry.  In the process, they earned both Boffstvreport and LazySian Platinum Illuminator badges.

Fabulous work agents!