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The spring heatwave has resulted in this lovely set of fields over Nottingham this morning.  Agents jonswaano and minkin2 attained their platinum illuminator badges, and agent kenti an onyx illuminator badge too.  What a gorgeous start to #EarthDay!

Our gardeners were dragonmamma, greenspiderpig, hangovers, hravensdottir, jonswaano, kenti, lgpmichael, minkin2, p303, psychichazard and solusdaystar.  They were not to be thwarted by agent kenti’s car not wanting to start first thing!

Fabulous work agents!


A piece of cake


Tuesday, 17th April marked a year of Enlightened control of NR03-JULIET-04, and the second time the fabulous agents in that cell have achieved this feat!

With cake like this to celebrate, who’s going to bet against them completing another year!

#EnlightenedFTW #KeepItGreen #YearOfGreen #TheCakeIsNotALie






… all over the world!

Fielder extraordinaire, shard chaser, peacock wrangler and all round amazing agent Zorastrian completed a whirlwind of Mission Days, a 2-day trip to Japan for the Fukuoka Flash Shard event and finally a trip to New York to achieve his onyx Explorer badge at the Empire State building.

Amazing effort agent!


Link me, link me, link me…


Last weekend, the same day as the Mission Day in Maidstone, the Wolves of Belgium and the Lions of the Netherlands joined forces with the Enlightened in the UK to link Ghent to Norwich.  That’s a dynamite combination that was never going to fail!

Read the sitrep here:


Meanwhile, the Enlightened in Ireland, helped thwart the Resistance link between Glasgow, UK and Kanturk in Ireland.

Not so much Friday I’m in Love, but Saturday!

Fantastic work agents!

And apologies for the references to songs by The Cure…

#EnlightenedFTW #DarkXMCure