After a day of battling at the Echo Anomaly in Brighton on Saturday, 20th May, kick back for a more leisurely social event on Sunday, 21st May with Brighton Mission Day. Enjoy sights around Brighton by completing the special missions that will be available that day around Brighton.

Watch out for more details closer to the date.

Make a weekend of it and sign up with the team for the anomaly on Saturday, 20th May at  https://enlightened.rocks/anomaly/brighton


Let’s get this party started


“We’re gearing up, so we better get this party started
Get this party started on a Saturday night
Brighton’s waiting for us all to arrive
Sending out the message to all our agents
We’ll be looking flashy in our Enlightened swag
We’ve got loads of style, check our hoodies and T-shirts
We can trek for miles if you know what I mean
We’re gearing up, so we better get this party started”

We have our after party venue!

So, join us on Saturday 20th May for the Brighton Echo anomaly and the fabulous Enlightened after party.

Look out for more updates and sign up now at https://enlightened.rocks/anomaly/brighton 🎉


Brighton Rocks

Scene of Brighton Rock and Quadrophenia…

Famed for Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim (and his beach gigs), Nigel Kennedy and David Gilmour from Pink Floyd…

Whether you’re an anomaly veteran or a new player wondering what it’s like to play alongside hundreds of others, come join us for a rockin’ Enlightened Echo anomaly on Saturday 20th May, 2023. Brighton is just a short hop from London or the Channel ports, with lots of choices for accommodation in Brighton and the surrounding areas.

Brighton rocks. The Enlightened rock. Sign up at enlightened.rocks/brighton


Brighton will be Brilliant!

It’s time to move… to the wonderful seaside city of Brighton!

Brighton is famous for the Royal Pavilion, the Palace pier, its vibrant arts scene, quirky shopping areas, the UK’s first public naturist beach and, of course, as the “unofficial gay capital of the UK”.  You can see why it’s been called the UK’s hippest city.

Join us on Saturday 20th May for the Brighton Echo anomaly.  Book your travel early to get the best deals!  

Look out for more updates and sign up now at https://enlightened.rocks/anomaly/brighton

Initial information from Niantic –  https://ingress.com/news/2023-mzfpk/

Be there!


Deus Ex Machina

_Machina_ (and the Resistance) proved no match for an intrepid group of agents from Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness who were determined to create this gorgeous set of fields in the middle of the day.

The main layers were 1.4m MU with supporting layers in Peterhead of 140k. In total, agents threw 15.9m MU of fields with agents douglasfirtree and brelmarcus gained their platinum and onyx illuminator badges respectively.

Agents bossing _Machina_:



Stoked up!

Welcome to the first of, hopefully, many Stoke Blankets!

A crack team of agents came together to throw 23 layers over Stoke, Newcastle-under-Lyme and the surrounding areas. The team threw a total of over 22m mu from 8 throws of the field-set and, in spite the last minute arrival of the local opposition, the fields all made checkpoint. In fact, several checkpoints!

Agents 40079, BigBadMoo, KernowBoy, Laughingwater, mcwebtree, Tomarse, and VanyelAshkevron cleared, farmed keys, threw fields, provided intel and did a bit of Resistance distraction along the way. KernowBoy gained platinum illuminator with some excellent fielding.

And a Brucie bonus of helping Enlightened to a first win in a while of the septicycle for NR02-JULIET-13!

Fantastic work agents!


Super Superposition in NR02-JULIET-12

Congratulations to the Enlightened in NR02-JULIET-12 on a fantastic effort for the Superposition Connected Cell challenge, winning 9 out of the 10 possible points for the Enlightened and extending their winning streak into 182 consecutive septicycles!

The prior septicycle closed with both teams posting historically low scores to set the best baseline to work from.  The scoring septicyle opened with a lot of activity from both factions through the first few checkpoints.  Many local layered fields were thrown up and many were smashed in a frenzy of activity.

Enlightened then pulled ahead convincingly with a huge multi-layered field over Nottingham.  The size of the field also skewed the scanner scoring scale for the rest of the septicycle.  The team never really looked back after that, winning every checkpoint, although there were some nervy moments.  

There was still plenty of nip and tuck in the remainder of the septicycle with both sides sniping down large multi-layered fields just moments before checkpoints.  Sheffield was covered twice.  Wetherby, Worksop, Hull, Doncaster, Grimbsy, Cleethorpes, Chesterfield, Mansfield and Lincoln were also covered, some locations repeatedly.  A lone agent diligently worked night after night to frustrate most of the Resistance fielding in Derby.  All in all, over 128m MU hit a checkpoint during the septicycle, but even more than that was put up in an effort to ensure as big a winning margin as possible.

Many miles were covered (have you seen the price of fuel?).  People sneaked out of houses before families were awake and skulked back in after they were asleep.  Some agents even managed to help with the Connected Cell while also participating in the Munich anomaly.  Between the fielding, there was also time for a social to play (and score of course!) some rare battle beacons for the Superposition badge.

The team had a blast.  You could too!

The final weekend of Superposition runs from 11:00 UTC on Friday, 26th August 2022 to 11:00 UTC on Monday 29th August.  Help us win by deploying and winning rare battle beacons in that window.  

Sad you missed out on Munich?  Or did you attend and want some more?  The next shard/rare battle beacon sites in Europe are on Sunday 28th August in Seville and Warsaw.  It’s a great opportunity to visit some more fabulous European cities with friends!

The nearest connected cell is in the Netherlands (NR02-HOTEL-02) running to Wednesday, 31st August.  As well as going to the Netherlands, perhaps you can help on the east coast of England.  Reach out to your local communities to see what you can do!



Agents throwing fields, clearing, watching the map, farming for kit and keys, staying sober for a week in case they were needed (!), eating cake and cheering others on… 


Bristol wins again!

The Enlightened of Bristol welcomed some hardy travellers today, and after a long winter’s afternoon of happy battling, the Enlightened comprehensively won the Kureze event in Bristol 22,600 to 7,170!

It was great to play together again, through mishaps of flat tyres, sore backs, and dying batteries. Those hills are every bit as steep as they were at the last anomaly!

In the picture above you can see some of the team who made it back to the pub to warm up, get some refreshments, and more importantly, celebrate!

Wish you’d been there? Let’s see what the next two rounds of Kureze brings. Maybe you can be!


#Ingress #KurezeEffect

Sea to Shining Sea

Stretching from Beaumaris on the Irish Sea to Scarborough on the North Sea to Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, the gorgeous set of green fields graced the skies on Saturday morning. It was paired with a field on the east coast which was a fantastic effort in its own right. Together, almost 215m MU was captured with around 140m MU standing at the 9am checkpoint.

Read the sitrep here: https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/17239/siterep-sea-to-shining-sea/p1?new=1

Fantastic work agents! EnlightenedFTW!

Blooming marvellous!

The garden of England is showing its true colours this afternoon with this extravagant set of 25 luscious green layers. Agents Impucl, Jimbobwai, SahanaTrolls, Sonny58, SunnyJR, TerryTrolls and TheSM1L3R amassed over 6m MU in the process.

Fabulous teamwork agents!