First Saturday tomorrow!

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Autumn has officially started (as long as you are talking the meteorological version in the northern hemisphere).  That needn’t put a dampener on the fun as there is a fabulous range of First Saturdays to enjoy tomorrow!



It’s Ipswich!

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Curious as to what these new individual (not faction based) events are?  Looking to add to your badger collection?  Head on over to Ipswich, the only UK location to have been selected, on Saturday, 14th September to find out what it’s all about.

Join the cross faction chat:

And here’s a summary of useful information from the local cross faction team:

Be there!


Operation Smokies


So, what happens when, from over 150 miles away, a lunchtime scan of the map shows the sliver of the possibility of a field?  An elite team of agents swings into action, that’s what!

Agents Hofmeyrjan, ilziite112, reviamjolly and sneckie perfectly timed their clearing to pull off this field from Arbroath to Fair Isle to NE England and covered the city of Aberdeen in six layers.

Fantastic work agents!


Stealing Thunder

With such a beautiful link from the Netherlands to Fair Isle (accompanied by some fantastic fields earlier today too), and so few blockers, agents 1544c, thundercracker1, and zelena53 decided to throw around 6m MU of fields over Norfolk and Suffolk.

Fabulous work agents!




All these agents enjoyed a fun filled First Saturday yesterday – Belfast in Northern
Ireland, Dundee in Scotland, Cardiff and Wrexham in Wales, and Doncaster, Leicester, London, and Oxford in England.

Look out for the next events on Saturday, 3 August!