April First Saturdays!

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Recovered from partying at Bristol now and looking for some more fun?  There are eight First Saturdays to enjoy across the UK this weekend!

Belfast: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=11720

Cardiff: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=11683

Chester: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=11654

Deal: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=11617

Gloucester: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=11761

Harrogate: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=11661

Kingston upon Thames: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=11659

Perth: https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=11663




Bristol was awesome!

After a day of fierce battling with the Resistance, the Enlightened emerged victorious, winning 227.76 to 147.26.

Brilliant ground agents.  Brilliant bikes. Brilliant recharge support.  Brilliant eyes in the sky.  Brilliant PoCs and organising team.  

It was a blast!

Congratulations to our fellow agents in Nuremberg as well as agents around the world for bringing home a resounding Enlightened win on Day 2 of Darsana Prime.

Want a bit more of that?  Head over to Abaddon Amsterdam for 11th May: https://enlightened.rocks/amsterdam

Let’s bring home another one!

#EnlightenedFTW #BristolForeverGreen

He’s here!


Barney is in Bristol and has visited Niantic registration.  Will you catch up with him this weekend for that all important selfie?

And if you can’t make it to Bristol, don’t forget you can help with the global capture challenge that runs from 4am to 8pm tomorrow.  As a faction, we need to capture as many unique portals as possible across the globe.

It’s time to move…

#BarneyBear #BristolForeverGreen #EnlightenedFTW

Barney Bear back on the road!


Please welcome Barney Bear, the new member of the Enlightened UK editorial team!  As g+ is closing down, at least for the next little while, Barney will be gracing this blog with his adventures

At the moment, Barney is in Belgium and has just visited Antwerp: https://plus.google.com/+BrandonBearWorldTour/posts/joeVW7kjAnC

Next up will be Bristol for the Darsana Prime anomaly on 23rd March and then Mission Day on 24th March.

Maybe you’ll get to meet him there.  If you do, remember to say hi!

And there’s still time to join the team:

Niantic sign up: https://events.ingress.com/xmanomalies/darsanaprime/bristol

Enlightened sign up: https://enlightened.rocks/anomaly/bristol

Shop: https://bristol.anomaly.city/shop/

Sign up for Mission Day: https://events.ingress.com/MissionDay/Bristol2019

#BarneyBear #EnlightenedFTW #BristolForeverGreen


How many knuts in a sickle?

… 29 of course!

And that’s how many layers were put together yesterday evening between Stoke on Trent, Derby and Walsall.  A beautifully symmetrical 4-layer set of homogeneous fields underneath a multi-layered onion field.

Congratulations to 40079, bigbadmoo, Caraphaelius, Crimsonfoxy,  Davesmate, Draugmyrn, Enceladus, Fizzgog, imajicaman, Leia0rgana, lgpmichael, mcwebtree, neferblue, ObiWanTeknobi, OcarinaArbok, ranciddogeggs  RedBlind, Rossler, Selicia63, SolusDaystar, TheDooza, Va1kyria, Wookiehunters and Zimrframezidane. Fabulous work!


P.S. That’s the currency in Harry Potter… Wizards Unite!

Mission Bristol!

As part of the fabulous Darsana Prime anomaly weekend in Bristol, don’t forget you can  enjoy a Mission Day on Sunday, 24th March.  The local teams have also been busy adding banners around the city for you to enjoy.

Sign up for Mission Day: https://events.ingress.com/MissionDay/Bristol2019

And don’t forget to sign up for the anomaly on Saturday, 23rd March:

Niantic sign up: https://events.ingress.com/xmanomalies/darsanaprime/bristol

Enlightened sign up: https://enlightened.rocks/anomaly/bristol

Shop: https://bristol.anomaly.city/shop/ (clothing orders close on 11th March)

#EnlightenedFTW #BristolForeverGreen

Magnificent Seven!

Seven UK cities hosted First Saturdays yesterday – Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Milton Keynes and Shrewsbury.

Still yet to find Steve McQueen in the photos.  Maybe will have better luck searching for Yul Brynner!

The date for your calendars for the next First Saturdays is 7th April.