Sign up for July FS@Home

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There is less than a week to go until the next round of First Saturdays.  They’re still running from home, so take a look at the available locations, and sign up now to enjoy a fabulous social with some fellow Ingressers.

Bridlington – a Georgian town in Yorkshire –
Cardiff – UK’s longest running First Saturday –
Chester – a chance to support Chester zoo –
Edinburgh – it’s going to be sunny –
Ipswich – an historic county town –
London – at St Paul’s Cathedral –
Oxford – at the Radcliffe Camera –
South Shields – at the mouth of the River Tyne –
Truro – the first Cornish First Saturday –
Wakefield – at the wonderful Yorkshire Sculpture Park –

#IngressFS #StayAtHome

Decoding fun at June FS@Home

Having mastered Zoom (other conferencing tools do exist!), taking selfies, quizzes and scavenger hunts, agents had extra fun this month with a twist on the decode challenge.  Thanks to Fev games, Niantic and all the faction leaders who made all this fabulous fun possible.  Don’t miss out on the fun and join us all next month!

#IngressFS #StaySafe #StayAtHome #IngressFS@Home



June FS@Home

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After the fabulous May Virtual First Saturdays, you can now see your UK choices for June!

Callanish (in memory of agent DiamondDuke):

Cambridge (“meeting” at the clock inscribed with “mundus transit et concupiscentia eius”) :

Cardiff (the longest running FS in the UK!):

Chesterfield (set your novelty hats at a jaunty, Chesterfield spire angle!) :

Eastleigh (UK wayfarers sharing portal diamonds and coal):

Esholt (“meeting” at the original and famous Woolpack from Emmerdale):

Hexham (home town of England’s oldest purpose built gaol dating back to 1333, so better behave!):

London (Is this the only way agents will get signal at the London Eye?):

West Kirby (keeping your feet dry while “meeting” at a tidal island):

The Fun was very Real!

The First Saturday might have been virtual, but the fun was very real as all these agents can attest to!

Hundreds of agents across the UK – Belfast, Cardiff, Coventry, Crawley, Feshiebridge, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Milton Keynes, Newcastle upon Tyne, Nottingham, Southampton and Telford – got together to have a bit of Ingress fun, recharging, doing wayfarer, quizzing, sharing banter and, most importantly of all, staying at home!

Many thanks to Fev Games for helping us all reconnect!

#IngressFS #StaySafe #StayAtHome #IngressFS@Home


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Missing your monthly First Saturday fix?  Time to get the show back on the road, although you need travel no further than the comfort of your sofa!  Join one of these locations for one of the first Virtual First Saturdays tomorrow.  Don’t try visiting the registration portal as verification for attendance will be done by the leaders for each location.

Milton Keynes
Newcastle upon Tyne

It’s time to NOT move!




Parting is such sweet sorrow

As we all focus on keeping our families, friends and communities safe, we won’t be publishing about fields like this for a while.

Remember that it’s only a game.  Making fields and hitting checkpoints is fun, but right now, there are more important things and our emergency services don’t need us to make more work for them.

“Parting is such sweet sorrow that I’ll say good night until tonight becomes tomorrow.”


Celebrating the Matriarch of Brighton


Every Ingress agent is young at heart, but no-one more so than agent PallasOwl who recently celebrated her semisesquicentennial birthday in the company of fellow agents in Brighton.  To save you Googling… that’s 75!

Following an introduction from her son, PallasOwl has been playing regularly since the third year of Ingress and wants to get to level 16 before she “pops her clogs”.  As well as being the Matriarch of Brighton, PallasOwl is also known fondly (at least by the Enlightened) as the hero of the Battle of Saltdean. 

So, how did she get that title?  Well, one Sunday evening, an alert went out about a large Resistance field which was expected to cut through Saltdean, a town east of Brighton on the South East English coast.  Some Resistance agents had cleared the town and put a blocker along the coast and were sitting in their cars on standby.  PallasOwl stepped up to help, smashed the blocker and started spamming links everywhere.  For the next while, the Resistance agents were in hot pursuit trying, but failing, to remove all her links. We will never know if her links were the only blockers to that field attempt, but the tale was born!

Bumping into one of the Resistance agents a week later, another Enlightened agent asked “Are you OK? I heard that last weekend, you got beaten up by a little old lady”!

#EnlightenedFTW #CelebratingDiversityInIngress

Pump up the MU


Pump up the MU

Pump up the MU

Pump up the MU

Field! Field!

Some huge fields popped up over Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire last night.  Millions of MU captured and layers upon layers!

Fabulous work agents!


February First Saturdays

You wouldn’t think it was the middle of winter looking at the hundreds of agents who turned out for the nine First Saturdays that took place up and down the UK yesterday.

Bath, Cardiff, Glasgow, Hoylake (Merseyside), Ipswich, Kingston upon Hull, Greenwich (London), Market Harborough and Reading provided warm welcomes to all these agents.

Did you forget to go?  Mark your diary for March 7th, and don’t miss the next one!

#EnlightenedFTW #IngressFS #Ingress

Gone for a Burton


Earlier this week, agent imajicaman decided to do a spot of solo fielding over the market town of Burton upon Trent.  And it most definitely went for a Burton under all the ensuing layers!  Including a re-throw, around 20 layers were closed, totalling around 1.2m MU.

Fabulous work agent!