Get your swag on!


Get your skates on and sign up for the upcoming Darsana Prime anomaly in Bristol on 23rd March so that you can get your hands on some fab swag (pick up only).


Please note that clothing orders will be closing on 11th March, so get your orders in quick, and the lovely die struck pin badges are strictly limited to 100.

Niantic sign up:

Enlightened sign up:

#EnlightenedFTW #BristolForeverGreen

Mission Day Bristol!

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After a fun-packed day of anomaly battling on the Saturday, spend a leisurely Sunday,  24th March exploring the fabulous city of Bristol for Mission Day.

Sign up with Niantic here:

For further updates and events join the chats at:
Telegram Announcements channel:

#EnlightenedFTW #BristolForeverGreen

Hack all the things!


The journey to Bristol starts on Friday evening!

The faction with the most unique hacks between Feb 8th 18:00 UTC and Feb 15th 18:00 UTC will have the opportunity to influence gameplay through the entirety of #DarsanaPrime

Don’t forget to sign up for Darsana Prime Bristol.

Niantic sign up:

Enlightened sign up:

#EnlightenedFTW #BristolForeverGreen

What can you expect at a First Saturday?

Make some new friends and meet some old ones, both Enlightened and Resistance?  Have some friendly competition? Double AP?  Badgers?  Cake?  Beer?  Fun?

Yes, all of the above, and more!  And in Manchester’s case, Vimto candyfloss gin!

These agents enjoyed the cold winter sunshine yesterday at First Saturdays in Cardiff, Chesham, Gloucester, Leamington Spa, Manchester, Plymouth and Stirling.

The next opportunity to attend a First Saturday is on 2nd March.  Look out for details here:

Be there!

#EnlightenedFTW #IngressFS


Find a First Saturday Near You!

Screenshot 2019-01-29 at 9.57.28 PM - Edited.png

Which First Saturday will you choose this weekend?

Cardiff @ 12.30pm


Chesham @ 12.00pm


Gloucester @ 12.30pm


Manchester @ 1.30pm


Plymouth @ 12.00pm


Royal Leamington Spa @ 12.00pm


Stirling @ 1.00pm


It’s time to move…

There are level 16 agents…


… And there are recursed level 16 agents!

Agent squibby666 is probably the first UK agent to regain the big xm bar after recursing, and after only just over two months.  They also blasted through 400m lifetime AP while getting there.  They bake a mean cake too!

Amazing effort agent!