Stoked up!

Welcome to the first of, hopefully, many Stoke Blankets!

A crack team of agents came together to throw 23 layers over Stoke, Newcastle-under-Lyme and the surrounding areas. The team threw a total of over 22m mu from 8 throws of the field-set and, in spite the last minute arrival of the local opposition, the fields all made checkpoint. In fact, several checkpoints!

Agents 40079, BigBadMoo, KernowBoy, Laughingwater, mcwebtree, Tomarse, and VanyelAshkevron cleared, farmed keys, threw fields, provided intel and did a bit of Resistance distraction along the way. KernowBoy gained platinum illuminator with some excellent fielding.

And a Brucie bonus of helping Enlightened to a first win in a while of the septicycle for NR02-JULIET-13!

Fantastic work agents!


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