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Missing your monthly First Saturday fix?  Time to get the show back on the road, although you need travel no further than the comfort of your sofa!  Join one of these locations for one of the first Virtual First Saturdays tomorrow.  Don’t try visiting the registration portal as verification for attendance will be done by the leaders for each location.

Belfast https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=16842
Cardiff https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=16883
Coventry https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=16728
Crawley https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=16769
Feshiebridge https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=16551 
Leeds https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=17009
Liverpool https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=16964
London https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=16760
Milton Keynes https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=16583
Newcastle upon Tyne https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=16878
Nottingham https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=16845
Southampton https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=17032
Telford https://fevgames.net/ifs/event/?e=16788 

It’s time to NOT move!




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