Celebrating the Matriarch of Brighton


Every Ingress agent is young at heart, but no-one more so than agent PallasOwl who recently celebrated her semisesquicentennial birthday in the company of fellow agents in Brighton.  To save you Googling… that’s 75!

Following an introduction from her son, PallasOwl has been playing regularly since the third year of Ingress and wants to get to level 16 before she “pops her clogs”.  As well as being the Matriarch of Brighton, PallasOwl is also known fondly (at least by the Enlightened) as the hero of the Battle of Saltdean. 

So, how did she get that title?  Well, one Sunday evening, an alert went out about a large Resistance field which was expected to cut through Saltdean, a town east of Brighton on the South East English coast.  Some Resistance agents had cleared the town and put a blocker along the coast and were sitting in their cars on standby.  PallasOwl stepped up to help, smashed the blocker and started spamming links everywhere.  For the next while, the Resistance agents were in hot pursuit trying, but failing, to remove all her links. We will never know if her links were the only blockers to that field attempt, but the tale was born!

Bumping into one of the Resistance agents a week later, another Enlightened agent asked “Are you OK? I heard that last weekend, you got beaten up by a little old lady”!

#EnlightenedFTW #CelebratingDiversityInIngress

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