How many knuts in a sickle?

… 29 of course!

And that’s how many layers were put together yesterday evening between Stoke on Trent, Derby and Walsall.  A beautifully symmetrical 4-layer set of homogeneous fields underneath a multi-layered onion field.

Congratulations to 40079, bigbadmoo, Caraphaelius, Crimsonfoxy,  Davesmate, Draugmyrn, Enceladus, Fizzgog, imajicaman, Leia0rgana, lgpmichael, mcwebtree, neferblue, ObiWanTeknobi, OcarinaArbok, ranciddogeggs  RedBlind, Rossler, Selicia63, SolusDaystar, TheDooza, Va1kyria, Wookiehunters and Zimrframezidane. Fabulous work!


P.S. That’s the currency in Harry Potter… Wizards Unite!

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