Play safe


Ingress takes us on adventures at all times of day and night, whether that is in cities, in the countryside, up mountains, over water or in the skies.

The recent loss of a US player reminds us to be mindful of the risks we sometimes take, whether that be while venturing into an unfamiliar part of town or undertaking more substantial trips to risky portals.

Be prepared. Stay aware. Keep in contact.

If you’re taking a trip, for a portal or otherwise, it’s a great idea to go with a friend or make sure people know where you are — times/plans are great, location sharing is better!

Agent denoche has some great detailed advice and a tale to tell

Play safe and have fun! And remember that it’s only a game – fields and checkpoints are cool, but so is getting home in one piece.

#IngressFTW #SafetyHasNoFaction

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