Real ales! Gin! Brad Pitt?

The Crown Bar.png

The Crown bar (AKA the Crown Liquor Saloon) is undoubtedly the most visited pub in Belfast, even Brad Pitt has had a drink or two there.

The pub which was built in 1826, making it the oldest pub in the city, was originally owned by Felix O’Hanlon and named The Railway Tavern. O’Hanlon sold the pub in 1855 to Michael Flanagan, who renamed it as the Crown Liquor Saloon.

When you step into the Crown bar it really is like taking a step back in time. Michael’s son Patrick was a student of architecture, while studying he travelled extensively and saw many beautiful buildings. This was his inspiration for style and décor of the pub, much of it still evident today. Old gun metal plates for striking matches back in those days can be found throughout the pub. Gas lamps provide ambient lighting. The antique bell system, which would have been used to call the waiter, is still linked up and working.

The Crown bar is now owned by the National Trust and is a Grade A listed building.

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