Cryptic Portal Hunt I


Hopefully, everyone has now had a chance to get over any hangover from welcoming in the New Year and is not regretting the prospect of a dry January!  Now that you’ve had a chance to watch the new Sherlock, perhaps you would like to test your mettle against these somewhat less taxing puzzles.

These are cryptic clues to names of portals in or very near some of the most visited tourist sites around the UK.  The clues are divided into the regions where the portals are found. There are many anagrams, but general knowledge and Google may also be your friend.  The numbers refer to the number of letters in the words of the portal name.  Take care as there may be more than one portal by the same name at a location.  The clue will tell you which to choose.

1. Where is currently Really Good? (3 6 6)
2. Dynamic hot, ornate testes help translate hieroglyphs (3 7 5)
3. The biggest tree in a museum confused antiquarian as tough athlete (5 7 2 3 7 1)
4. With her head tucked underneath her arm, she doctored to urethra to wetter (7 2 3  5)

South West
5. Shortest distance between two points on the earth at Paradise (8)
6. Ha Ha! I, nutter and stink bomb disrupted the waters at Sulis (5 5 / 4, 6 3)

7. Yeah, trouble he was troubled by a ring of chalk pits (3 6 4)

South East
8. Her irateness mutilated at the holy place where Thomas was murdered (6 6)

North west
9. Northernmost Calliope, for example, hesitated sourced from offal puddle (6 2 9)
10. Molybdenum Silicide (6 2 7 3 8)

Northern Ireland
11. Mammoth’s embankment curses painful death throes with boulders for Finn McCool (6 8 9 5)

12. Heroes nervously go wobbly without a Cambridgeshire cathedral city at the one o’clock gun (9 5)

13. Smashing cheapish beaters sparkle at the bard’s origin (12 10)
14. Mary Lennox may find this instead near the Shakespeare Memorial Room  (3 6 6.)
15. Supreme ultimate boxing vault is to be found where Elias and both John Tradescant the elder and younger have left their things (6 4)

Once you have the answers… work out the phrase…
(1, 12)(2,1)(3,6)(4,4)(5,7)(6,3)(7,8)(8,4)(9,15)(10,1)(11,20)(12,3)(13,11)

You can post your answers to the following form,, and we’ll list any correctly completed entries (igns will be confirmed by pinging in comms) when the answers are published in about a week’s time.  Please keep any discussion points to the g+ posting (, but please don’t spoil it for others who might be trying to solve the clues for themselves.

If you enjoyed the challenge and would like to see more of this type of posting, or have some constructive suggestions, please add a comment, either to the form or on the g+ posting (!  The team would love to hear from you!

Have fun!

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