How many knuts in a sickle?

… 29 of course!

And that’s how many layers were put together yesterday evening between Stoke on Trent, Derby and Walsall.  A beautifully symmetrical 4-layer set of homogeneous fields underneath a multi-layered onion field.

Congratulations to 40079, bigbadmoo, Caraphaelius, Crimsonfoxy,  Davesmate, Draugmyrn, Enceladus, Fizzgog, imajicaman, Leia0rgana, lgpmichael, mcwebtree, neferblue, ObiWanTeknobi, OcarinaArbok, ranciddogeggs  RedBlind, Rossler, Selicia63, SolusDaystar, TheDooza, Va1kyria, Wookiehunters and Zimrframezidane. Fabulous work!


P.S. That’s the currency in Harry Potter… Wizards Unite!

Mission Bristol!

As part of the fabulous Darsana Prime anomaly weekend in Bristol, don’t forget you can  enjoy a Mission Day on Sunday, 24th March.  The local teams have also been busy adding banners around the city for you to enjoy.

Sign up for Mission Day:

And don’t forget to sign up for the anomaly on Saturday, 23rd March:

Niantic sign up:

Enlightened sign up:

Shop: (clothing orders close on 11th March)

#EnlightenedFTW #BristolForeverGreen

Magnificent Seven!

Seven UK cities hosted First Saturdays yesterday – Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Milton Keynes and Shrewsbury.

Still yet to find Steve McQueen in the photos.  Maybe will have better luck searching for Yul Brynner!

The date for your calendars for the next First Saturdays is 7th April.


It’s still all to play for!


Want to help win the second day of the Prime Darsana series on Saturday, 23rd March? All you have to do is join us in the fabulous city of Bristol for a fun packed day of Ingress mayhem with friends, old and new!  

Then, on Sunday, 24th March, relax and enjoy the Mission Day which will take you to see some of the many sites that the city has to offer.

Book your travel and accommodation now to get the best deals!  And there’s still time to get some of the gorgeous swag (pick up only).

Niantic sign up:

Enlightened sign up:


#EnlightenedFTW #BristolForeverGreen


The road to Bristol…

screenshot 2019-01-29 at 9.57.28 pm - edited

… Starts here!

The Gloucester First Saturday team goes on the road, and their next event is in Bristol!  Join them for a bit of xfac fun on Saturday, 2nd March, before the main event on Saturday, 23rd March

Bristol First Saturday on Saturday, 2nd March:

Links for Bristol Anomaly on Saturday, 23rd March:
Niantic sign up:
Enlightened sign up:

There are other First Saturdays around the country if Bristol is just a little too far for this weekend:
Milton Keynes:

#EnlightenedFTW #BristolForeverGreen

Time for a change in lyrics!

Screenshot 2019-02-17 at 1.55.13 AM - Edited

“We are the Town and we’re gonna take the Crown
We’re the boys in blue green
We’re the boys in blue green…”

Not sure if they ever won the crown, but Ipswich took on a lovely green hue last night with 25 layers from agents 1544c, thundercracker1 and Zelena53.

Fabulous work agents!



Get your swag on!


Get your skates on and sign up for the upcoming Darsana Prime anomaly in Bristol on 23rd March so that you can get your hands on some fab swag (pick up only).


Please note that clothing orders will be closing on 11th March, so get your orders in quick, and the lovely die struck pin badges are strictly limited to 100.

Niantic sign up:

Enlightened sign up:

#EnlightenedFTW #BristolForeverGreen