Find a First Saturday Near You!

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Which First Saturday will you choose this weekend?

Cardiff @ 12.30pm


Chesham @ 12.00pm


Gloucester @ 12.30pm


Manchester @ 1.30pm


Plymouth @ 12.00pm


Royal Leamington Spa @ 12.00pm


Stirling @ 1.00pm


It’s time to move…

There are level 16 agents…


… And there are recursed level 16 agents!

Agent squibby666 is probably the first UK agent to regain the big xm bar after recursing, and after only just over two months.  They also blasted through 400m lifetime AP while getting there.  They bake a mean cake too!

Amazing effort agent!




Pure Gold!


What a fabulous sight to wake up to!  24 layers seem to have sprung up overnight over Chelmsford, one of the newest cities in the UK.

Some lovely work from agents Alturus, Dhwalden7, IainG, Nellyspania, Plubly and UndeadDarkKnight.  Two platinum and one gold illuminator badge topped off an evening’s fine work!

Fantastic work agents!



What’s south of the river?


Fields, that’s what!

This afternoon, a small team of London agents decided to do a spot of urban gardening. A nerve wracking bus journey was needed to clear the final blockers. Only in London!

In the end, the team created 8 primary layers and, in the process, agent Urzahil42 earned their onyx illuminator badge. Fielding is no mean feat in such a portal dense, busy city.

Fabulous work agents!


Darsana Prime Bristol Anomaly


Don’t miss the opportunity to attend the next UK anomaly in Bristol on Saturday 23rd March.  Bristol will be part of the Darsana Prime series, and agents from across the UK, Europe and even further afield will be helping us to win the site for the Enlightened!

Bristol is an amazing city and the anomaly will be a fabulous weekend as it is coupled with a Mission Day on the Sunday.

If you don’t know what an anomaly is, your local community can tell you more.  But don’t miss out – it’s been over two years since the last mainland UK anomaly, and who knows when the next one will be!

Register at and, once it goes live, the Niantic sign up page at  Follow the Bristol anomaly team on Twitter @Enl_Bristol

#EnlightenedFTW #BristolForeverGreen